Hi there!

I’m Rachel, a California native. You’ve probably seen me at The Broad, gaping at all the masterpieces. Or at the sea caves in Laguna Beach, tripping over a myriad of rocks, but laughing nonetheless. Perhaps you’ve spotted me probing the diverse range of food options at the Anaheim Packing District(read: stuffing my face with said range of food options at the Anaheim Packing District). Or maybe you recently caught me at your local Barnes and Noble, engrossed in some book the size of a whale shark.

It’s also possible that you’ve seen me outside of that notorious California bubble. As much as I love being immersed in the Golden State’s warm weather, roaring freeways, and abundance of pressed juice places, I’ve always had a passion for travel and escapism.

That being said, it’s important to address the fact that such notions of exploration and experimentation aren’t always physical. No, my dear reader, adventuring can be applied on an introspective, expressive level as well.

This blog entails ventures within numerous spheres. It’s my ode to artistic and intellectual discovery. It’s also my poesy to international travel and cultural exploration. rachelinthecities is comprised of projects, reviews, and recollections that signify experiences within both the physical and intrapersonal realms. It’s quite the trip, so thank you for sticking along.

Make sure to bring a cookie with you on your adventure. (And save one for me, too!)